Leicester vs West Ham post-match tactical breakdown

Taking the Mic

Let’s start on a positive.

Crawling out of the last ditch

On the defensive end, this was a re-run of the Arsenal game for us.

Creating your own luck? Or rub of the green?

At the other end of the pitch, I have my reservations about this team’s attacking ability on the whole. The last two results have hugely flattered us.


I’m fully aware that I’m rubbing against the grain here, but I’m not fickle enough to let a couple of ok performances and glossy results change my perspective on this group of players and this shift in system.

Most of the other 8 wins came vs relegation fodder or in end of season flipflop games



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Cast Iron Tactics

I write long, boring, and increasingly deranged articles about football tactics and West Ham @CastIronTactics on Twitter